Ah, a pleasant Friday night (afternoon) in Sonoma’s wine country and here in Indy it feels strange to be watching motorcycles……

26 Aug

I Don't even like these things; sorry Despain!

I wish I was in Sonoma’s wine country about now.

When Robin Miller gets air time on his employer’s Speed TV,  just as nascrap is about to run BuscH Karz at
Bristol’s tHUNDEr vALLEy and he is talking live from Infineon Raceway, I take
notice. This is a live remote from an openwheel contest venue just minutes
before a green flag at Bristol. And funny enough, he was still talking about
the last IICS race in New Hampshire. My, but that has been ages ago! TGBB has
already flexed his IRON HAND OF JUSTICE, which means that nothing changed
regarding the finishing order and yet, Mr. Power is light about 30 LARGE in his
wallet. I am quite sure that this paltry sum has already been collected as
gracious donations from the adoring masses, so Mr. Power should not feel in
need of a federal bailout.

For the BEST tweet of the past 24 hours, regarding the worst
kept secret in all of motorsport,  it has
to go to @h3Lio with this comment:

Is there any truth to the rumor that this guy is taking his
arm to NASCAR?


God, I hope he sure does! He can keep on ‘splainin about
that open wheel emblem just under Princess Sparkle Pony’s neck strap…..

With appropriate props to Robin, his unusually level headed
comments and final insight into the final farewell. Enjoy this for a few
moments as there is little pontificating, for a change!


Who would have ever thought that the final results from
practice session number 1 in Sonoma would have the Chipster and Captain Roger
gunning it out. That is such a shock and soo unusual. What really IS so unusual
is the shoe in P-5. This is a real stunner, so I leave you with the final
results, compliments of Indy Car Timing and Scoring. Quals should prove to be
very interesting, with a last minute driver running in the 78 car of Kalkhovan.

Who Dat on P5??


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