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As we speed towards Christmas, some of my presents have already arrived!

5 Dec
Will they be second again?

Will they be second again?


A few shots of winter testing eye candy from Fontana as you cruise through some of my off season “Cliff Notes”. All photo credit to Steve ‘Shunky Monkey’ Shunck.

-Simona has tested with her new team in California and loves her new team mate, not to mention her new found horsepower.

-Conor Daly to test an AJ Foyt car at sebring December 13th. This ain’t an oval folks so look for the kid to kick major butt on rookie time sheets.

-Zach .boy-man. Veach steps up to an Andretti Autosport Indy Lights rocket as he takes his final development steps leading to the BIG show.

-Star Mazda series that feeds the road to Indy dodged a huge bullet and is about to obtain a new naming sponsor to keep the series rolling on.

-IndyCar continues to reach out to the fan base in an attempt to reconnect and engage

-@TakumaSatoRacer is close to a deal with Larry Foyt and Mr. Luyendyk will undoubtedly provide info on how to avoid AJ’s left hook.

-Lotus is dying on the vine as Sebass posts BIG times at the test at ACS in Fontana in celebration of his unshackling to a slug.

-Many miles to go for Mr. Miles,newly appointed head of Hulman and Company. He has been there as well as done that. This is VERY positive, for now.

-Fuzzy Zoeller really stepped up and after an undisclosed sum of cash changed hands, voila, the 2013 Fuzzy’s Tripple Crown was born.


Those unmistakable FOCUSED eyes

Those unmistakable FOCUSED eyes

And then there is the hype-a-palooza called Smoke to Indy. Folks, I seen this movie before a few years back on an extremely slow “bump” day at the hallowed grounds, as Smoke walked around in a barely fitting fire suit and, well, you know the rest. I liken this to AJ announcing his return to the 500. Now THAT’S a killer story!

As always, my glass is more than half full. I appreciate the even handed approach taken by Steph at More Front Wing as she lays out her case for getting the IndyCar series off of life support. Between her detailed analysis, along with the monster rants of guidance and wisdom offered up by Pressdog, there is no need for me to expound on this topic. It remains a “FAN” issue and how to engage them!


Who IS that in Ed's car?

Who IS that in Ed’s car?

The sun will come up tomorrow, this too shall pass and it is only 117 days until engines roar at St Pete. Question for my readers (and no looking at Google); this is the what numbered running of the St Pete Grand Prix? It kind of surprised me as well!


The REAL Ed Carpenter

The REAL Ed Carpenter

Take care and we will talk to you next time!