Homologated Results from the NAIAS 2017 show

17 Jan

Credit IndyCar

While it looks like there is nothing to see here that is in a definitive design state, comments made by Mr. Jay Frye at the NAIAS 2017 lead one to believe that finally there is a distinct vision of where the IndyCar series is headed. This includes a statement as to where IndyCar wants to be in 5 years. And what a long wait it has been for that to finally manifest itself! Make no mistake; this off season is like no other that I can recall in 30 years of following this sport closely. For once there was the schedule wrapped up and it was actually posted to multiple media outlets shortly after the conclusion of the 2016 season. This has to be the earliest that the schedule was communicated to the fan base sine the infamous split back in the 90’s! With the release of the television broadcast schedule I am very pleased to see not only date equity in the schedule but broadcast slot equity as well. Now that has to help tremendously with the task of rebuilding the sport’s interest and as the 800 pound gorilla known as NASCAR sees falling numbers, this can only benefit IndyCar. Now if we can just get those elusive additional manufacturers in place……


As last week began to unwind, more news came out of the NAIAS that made me rather sad and at the same time made me realize that speed growth (i.e. new track records) are not in the immediate future. After reading the comments and thought process behind this as espoused by Mr. Frye, I again agree with his logic of measured growth and a slower operational tempo. Will the racing still be fabulous? Most certainly! Will the speed records fall like shattered glass? No, not so much. The details as brought to you by Motorsport.com:



Honestly, I am good with this. As one that has hiked darn near every square inch of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I have seen cars go by a speed, under speed and no speed at all. I have to agree with Mr. Frye that the quality of the racing product is more important at this time then the overall speed of the product. The focus on downforce being generated from the floor surfaces of the car as opposed to being generated by the pieces of body work will definitely make passing easier. This was my only complaint from races during last season; cars could gain on the guy ahead, it was just too difficult to complete a pass due to all the turbulence. These drawings presented at the auto show indicate that being held back by dirty air may become a thing of the past. My take on all of it? I think these cars have an Indy Lights pedigree and I am working up a froth just thinking about the appearance of the final race car.

Finally, of note:

I caught this little gem last week pushed out to the twitterverse I believe by IndyCarPR so dust off thoise resumes. While I am in IT, I just do not have that strong enough background in Project Management. Also, at the age of 62, I think I will keep my current day job.


As always, thanks for stopping by and of course, we will talk to you next time!




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