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Back in the saddle again…..Really!

17 Jan



After an extremely long hiatus, basically doing what one does to keep up with the speed of life, it begins again. Time to saddle up and as they say in Denver these days, time to ride. Taking some time off to learn to look at things differently just might not be so bad an idea unless it means taking time off from your job. I doubt your employer would give you as much time off as I have taken. But I digress……

The long layoff after the season ending show at Autoclub Speedway has left a deafening silence. Thank goodness that Trackside with @KevinLee23 returned on January 15th. You need to bookmark

and keep up with what really is happening in the open wheel world. If you did then you would know the name Action Jackson. Combine that with the name Dillon Welch and you can see kids following Daly and Veach’s foot steps. Who really worries about a long off season anyway? There is so much ‘content’ out there when the motors go silent that the winter doldrums pass pretty much at the same rate every year.

Let’s check the tic box, shall we?
-Penske team is virtually in lock step again even with adding a former F-1 driver to their ranks
-Ganassi team is in l;ock step again, even with the hiring of a former Penske driver
-Andretti Autosport is answering the question “Is there life after Go Daddy?”
-Will changes from/to Honda solve a mileage problem?
-Should Ed Carpenter give up his seat on twistys? (Yeah, perhaps so)
-Will that other race in May cannibalize or add to the number of butts in seats?
-Should Mr. Miles even invite another blogger into his lair for a conversation with a real fan?
-How soon will the international part of the race schedule be developed?
-Will Pressdog return to IndyCar blogging?

This is going to be a long season and an even longer off season going forward. Of that I have no doubt! But more to my point, there is still a TON of content out there even before one starts to read opinion fluff pieces. Here is one bit of news that I watched unfold on Twitter in real time: Talk to me about a mini baby Borg. Tell me all you know about this trophy and describe its inception. Use the margin and of course, show all of your work. Enjoy the helpful photos and bask in the warmth of a father’s love for his son.

Make it a productive weekend and of course, we will talk to you next time!