A Brief Monday Afternoon Wrap Up and Look Forward

1 Aug

Shew…what a busy weekend for lovers of motorsport! From the debacle in da heat that was the Brickyard, to the on again, off again rainy F-1 race at the Hungry ‘Ring, it was a wide open weekend. Do you think that Indy would result in a mileage race, of all things? Hard to believe that it really came down to that. Now, don’t get me wrong BUT…I sure liked the winner at Indy. Sorry, Mr. Gordon, it just don’t look like it is going to be your day. Sweet Jesus, you got FOUR of those wins! Give it to someone that has never been to the place (oh, wait; John Menard has been trying to win Indy for 30 years now)! So what if he finally did it in a taxicab……I still like the Menard family.

Did you catch the Wee Scott on Wind Tunnel talking to the Wee Scott? Man I felt like I needed a translator. Come on, you are kidding me; that really IS English???? Hello….Robin? Can you help a poor Scott out here with that easily translated Hoosier twang of yours? Listen and react here:

Next up for IICS is Mid Ohio and everyone knows what happens next, right? Class….class…Buehler? BUEHLER??????

How about the 2012 car on the track the day after the race with Dandy Dan Weldon (the king of St. Petersburg, FL I might add) behind the wheel. Think Jimmy Vasser has a leg up on the Ganassi/Penske Death Star for next year? Not with GM and Penske, not a chance……details are here:

Sorry for the short post today, folks but I need to go watch some more reruns of Leave It To Beaver. I get my inspiration in the dandiest places!


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