Grieving is Over; Back to Work

23 Aug

Still don’t feel like kicking it but here it goes:
It has been a bittersweet week here in Indy: consider the heartbreaking events at the Indiana State Fairgrounds along with the tremendous amount of feel good stories have taken place in the beloved motorsports world. Never in my wildest imagination would I have scripted a story like the impending final days of the IICS Emperor, TGBB. It has been a VERY killer opportunity for Indy Car to get those coveted highlights on ESPN’s Sports Center, thanks to the stereo optic hand and finger gestures of one Will Power.

The ensuing Monday running of Cup @ da Glen (yeah, that’s right, a freakin MONDAY rain out re-running no less!) managed to absolutely kill IICS on sports center midnight highlights. Whenever one of those Michael Waltrip, silver wheeled Toyotas gets air time, you just HAVE to see it. You can find that stuff here, so class, let’s review:

I understand that. It’s just that Willie P giving the internationally understood gesture for “UR#1” to race OUT OF control should make not just the national, but the international news. And as for the final results, hell; we don’t have that so after we have a HEARING, it will remain NONYABUISNESS.

And don’t forget Said versus Biffle! I fell outta my chair listening to the post race pod catch with ESPN radio where Boris said the Biff is just a little man….yeah, that’s what Mr. Said said…..I’m just sayin’

How can I possibly keep up with all that wicked motorsport news? Easy! You should rush over to these two fav blogs to get the inside scoop;

Talk to you after Sonoma!


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