I cannot quit thinking about Lionheart

22 Oct

Always on Dan's Helmets

It is pretty much a week later and I cannot come to grips with the emotions that still flood through my heart and mind. After spending almost all of my online time reading other’s recollections of Dan Wheldon, there is little I can add. It seems as if all of the motor sport community has a recollection or an anecdote to share, a picture to resubmit or a self shot video to view of Dan. To a man and woman, everyone seems in agreement that Dan had come into his second run of luck and more importantly, happiness in his new found family life. My recollections of Dan are not that important and I chose to keep most of them private. However, I will share this gem: I did call Dan the King of St. Petersburg and he once referred to me as the Mayor of Nowhere…..

I have a fondness for St Pete and can see why Dan decided to call it home. Sadly, on the day that Dan is laid to rest, the local paper wrote one of the better perspectives on Dan’s world. It is an absolutely well written piece and it can be shared here:


The outpouring of affection and respect from the NASCAR stars, drivers and the “other side” of racing really has seemed to take on a life of its own. This is evidenced by all the hardware being collected by Graham Rahal and his dedicated group so that Dan’s family will be taken care of in the future. The charity auction all started with just a tweet from Graham! He mused about auctioning off his helmet for the cause and an avalanche of caring resulted. When you get a commitment from Tony Stewart and the entire NASCAR paddock chimes in with a Lionheart emblem to be sported at ‘Dega, you have everyone climbing aboard the Love Train. People all over the world, join hands; start a love train……..Suzie and the boys are going to need this for a while to come.


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