IZOD Indy Car Series Season 2012 Week Number 2 Is Complete; How ‘Bout Some Video Links, Pal?

4 Apr

Flowing locks, swinging hips

It’s been a while since I posted words of wit and wisdom, humor and outright lies so, here we go; What a snoozer of an opener and a massive gut check of a second race for some marquee teams! Those sometimes red, sometimes blue Chippy Ganassi – Tar-Jayyy Racing cars sure have a disparate gap. Something I read the other day said that Mr. Ashley Judd has yet to have his car find the sweet spot. It sure seems like it! The difference in driving styles between Mr. Dixon and Mr. Franchitti could not be more apparent. Couple this fact with the ability of the Shhevvro-lays (as uncle Bobby would say) twin turbos to generate off corner acceleration made for an unusual grouping in the fast six session at St. Pete. Mark my words, on a LARGE oval, Honda is certainly going to level and then tilt the playing field in their direction. The slow wind up of a single turbo will be more than made up for on a very long straight.

Since I was not able to look at time intervals between the contestants on track during the fast six session at St. Pete, I was pleased to find this link from your friends at IICS. I wanted to see how the session unfolded, and lo and behold, I love youtube! Get your fanny out and hit up the IICS fine line up of current IZOD Indy Car Series video action on their channel.

Fast Six St Pete 032412 Credit IICS

Come race day, the choice viewing spots were appropriately staked out and executed much like a well-oiled Penske team executes pit stops. One place called to me; just after a series of quick paced right and left hand turns, the straight that makes up First Street in downtown St. Pete is a first chance for cars exiting the pits to crank the torque. If you listen closely, you can hear a slight difference in the song of each engine manufacturer. Here is a clue for those of you that are playing along at home kids; the last vehicle in the clip is a Lotus entry. Whom drives a basically all white livery in the series, even after two races? Hmmmm?

First Street in St. Pete (credit Paul Henry)

After a while I headed back towards the end of the chicane the drivers face just after making the sweeping right hand turn into and exiting turns 2 and 3. If one listens closely, one can hear the pleasant southern twang sounding voice of a recently converted Cup Car Fan enjoying the open wheel experience.
Turn 2-3 St Pete (credit Paul Henry)

Mr. Green and Mr. Andretti put out a very good festival feel to the grand Prix and they had to be pleased at the head count. Several of my local St. Pete tweeps remarked on how much more foot traffic there was this year over a few previous ones. St. Pete will never become the Long Beach of the East; but they sure come close on this particular weekend!

Any trip to a race track would incomplete without a visit to the Lights practice. They make more errors and create more excitement as a result. Take the fine art of diving into the hard left at the western end of First Street on the St. Pete course. Some young drivers push the car into the corner and some THROW the car into the corner.

Indy Lights St Pete Practice (Credit Paul Henry)

Finally, I was not able to go to Barber and bring you even more of these fabulous videos, but there ya go. Besides, Folks like Steve Wittich, @Stevewittich provided never ending updates and tweets on scene from the track walk so I suggest that you rush out and add him to your list of good read tweeps. Since I was absent at Barber, I suggest that you get your fast six fix right here.

Fast Six Barber 033112 Credit IICS

See? I mentioned in the title that this would be a festival of links, Pal, so go on about your business. Nothing to see here, folks……so move along.

I will talk to you next time!


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