What I LOVE about Pippa Mann. Oh, and one more thing about Aero Kits

24 Feb

CyntPippa I had to dig through some old archives and turn over a lot of desk drawers but I finally came up with a photo from 2008. Funny how much this Ferrari resembles the new aero kits unveiled last week.   08Ferrari If you want a GREAT take and unsolicited opinion on the topic of aero, rush over to the blog written by Mark Wilkinson ( http://newtrackrecord.com ). He goes into fascinating detail and I can add nothing more to the discussion…..


Chevrolet Aero Bits Exlpained


Like a Ferrari, but then again, no

Which leads me to discuss one of the other true loves in my life; music! I love blues and performing with a harmonica player. We call ourselves Blues With a Twist. What, you may ask, does this have to do with racing? Well you just hold on there a minute delicate sparrow; this will all come together with an unexpected ending. Trust me!

What I LOVE about Pippa Mann

A few years back I came across a chance to play a venue in Indianapolis with a stage of local musical all stars and I was in way above my head. To my right, Tony Cheesborough, formerly with THE Ohio Players. Behind me, on keyboard was Rodney Stepp, formerly of the Spinners. Joon Walker, who at the time was wrapping up a 13 year stint with Toy Factory. My harpman and I looked at each other and whispered those calming words, don’t f%#k this up! Tony Cheese told me to stay on stage and sing backup for a lady named Cynthia Lane. Now I have seen Cynthia around town for many years and she comes up, looks at me smiling and said, “sing in C’ follow my harmony and keep up because we are going to kill it tonight”! Cynthia, as a lot of us knew, had been in a lengthy fight with cancer. She was in remission and singing like a canary again, and we felt she was beating the odds. We all went our separate ways and continued meeting from time to time on a different stage but Cynthia had a revisit by the big C and stopped showing up at different gigs. I am a creature of habit as are most old farts like myself. I rise every morning and my routine includes cruising Twitter feeds and Facebook. I use Twitter for my racing habit and Facebook to keep up with the local Indianapolis music scene. One day in January, I hit Pippa Mann’s daily morning inspirational postings. She posted the one below and I knew exactly who Pippa was talking about and my heart cried.


Heavy Bag Training

Pippa went on to write an incredibly touching piece about how her life path crossed the life path of a simple Midwestern lady with an unforgettable voice. The story about what brought them together is as timeless as it is unusual; a young lady from the U.K. with a love of speed met a lady from Indianapolis with a love of music. The circumstances that brought them together are aspects of life that affect us all; surviving, overcoming obstacles and accepting that the outcome will not always go your way. One just picks themselves up and carry’s on. Cynthia knew this and Pippa lives this every day in her fight for funding. Ponder that a while. Tell someone near you that you love them and consider what you will do the next time it just does not go your way. It all helped me put into perspective what really is of value in this life.

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog and we will talk to you next time!


This week’s hot link: Pippa Mann’s posting on her blog about Pink and how she came to meet Cynthia Lane. Pippa said she gave great thought and effort to this posting. I can certainly agree that she did! Thanks again Pippa, for writing about Cynthia. http://www.pippamann.com/fan_zone/blog/pink


2 Responses to “What I LOVE about Pippa Mann. Oh, and one more thing about Aero Kits”

  1. Michelle February 24, 2015 at 1:30 pm #

    I love this. This is a prime example how life gives you many twists and turns. It is amazing how by a chance meeting you can come across someone who changes your life completely. It is a truly beautiful thing when that happens:)

  2. WingSideUp February 24, 2015 at 8:09 pm #

    Thanks for writing this. I really enjoyed the post after a long day. It’s nice to see some positivity in the IndyCar world. A good friend told me once, “Accentuate the positive and find probable solutions to the negative.” I think Pippa does this every day.

    Also-props for being a bluesman! My buddy Randy Jones(the guy that’s got more Open Wheel Magazine covers than any photographer in history) is now shooting blues festivals. I’m going to ask him about you guys! Maybe we’ll see ya in May somewhere.

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