About the oHIo Twisty and Park Type Venues

6 Aug

Sunset over oHIo

Listening to the KING (no, not Elvis, Mike) doing IICS practice sessions on the world wide internets makes me want a root canal. Then again, ABC can do that sometimes. I love it when the world wide internets signal from Indy Car fades in and out, so that I can practice making up the story line. How about this one: Penske/Ganassi Death Star places P18 through 20? Well, at the end of session 2, the leader board shows only Taku as the lone party crasher amongst positions 1 through 6. Times indicate that the track finally absorbed enough ‘Stones rubber to provide grip. If you ran a 1:09.6 on Friday in session 1 you were on the pole. Today, in session 2 that would put you 16th on the grid. That would be E.J Viso in P16 ……

I bet it was a skating rink out there at the start of session 1. Don’t get me wrong, the league needs support races so the promoter can provide value to the paying public by way of longer times they see race cars on track. At least that is what I want when I go to GEORGOUS FACILITY courses. Green landscapes, plenty of coolers and lots of cars. Cars going fast…..

Nice to see 26 entrants for this event, ‘specially the nicest family man on the circuit, Ed Carpenter. He works for a pretty nice family, too and while turning right is not something everyone likes, his times are coming down. Well, not really, but Ed and the Mrs are really fine, family type peeps! Pressdog did an article on Ed yesterday and you should stampede on over to his blog and take a gander.


The Mid oHIo sports car course rolls through the countryside along natural terrain, with many off camber turns. Friday, Daniel Incandella (another motor head you must add to your fav’s bar) took today’s cover shot that mimics the Mid oHIo Sports Car Course. Props and thanks to Daniel.

Drivers either excel there or fail miserably trying. For the most part, I find it to be a parade, but then again, so are street courses. No room and darn sure no passing zones.

Slide on over to Indycar.com and hit this link to grab the latest results of session 2!



2 Responses to “About the oHIo Twisty and Park Type Venues”

  1. Daniel August 7, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    Thanks so much for the shout out.

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