On to New Hampshire Since Everyone Hated the Show at Mid oHIo

8 Aug

With the conclusion of the oHIo twisty, I am going to fix my sights on the bullring that is next on the schedule (or as my Brit friends like to pronounce; shed-U-al), Loudon. There are far more competent bloggers out there that covered the Mid oHIo parade and the world does not need MY take on regurgitated data. A far better job was done by far better scribes than me (that would be Pressdog and Oilpressure; you HAVE to hit those blogs! Scoot over there now, but do come back here!). The highlight of the race has to be the stealthy Conway rolling up and just inhaling competitors and his on track prowess….never….made….it….into….the….broadcast. The second best part of the race was Dan Weldon’s unveiling and shakedown of the 2012 car a day later. (Oh, did I say that?) Details here:


I miss the days that open wheel raced at Richmond. Until the end, to used to be quite a show at Richmond. I really enjoyed the action as it reminded me of the Milwaukee Mile in that it was a very busy track. An interesting question here for you to reflect and comment upon; just how many push to pass mashes on the button will it take to rocket one lap around Loudon? Current logic is just one….

I really look forward to the side by side that can be achieved in a venue like this. You are going to have to give, you are going to have to take and when you commit, there ain’t no taking it back. Go ahead, stick your nose in there and see who chops it off! They refer to NHMS as the magic mile. I bet it is quite magical to see whom is going to get their asses kicked and whom will have the fortitude (read balls) to lift last going into turn 3 while running two and a half wide.

So, now that your appetite is whetted, tell me class; whom was the last person to sit on an open wheel pole at NHMS? Class….class…Buehler…..BUEHLER? D’oh, it was none other than Billy Boat! You need to do further study to recognize that the last open wheel winner there in 1998 was Tony Stewart. Look it up…..It is also important to note that Billy Boat has a fine racer son named Chad. Look that up, too! The kid is going to be heard from in the future.

So, that is all the words of wisdom for today. About 400 words is a short blog but even I realize that your time is valuable.

Today’s required reading and links:

Bonus feel good points if you hit this link, in honor of the Mayor of Hinchtown. He had a very interesting day at the office at Mid oHIo.






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