Wednesday’s Post on Thursday!

11 Aug

The calm before the storm

I can begin to wish only good things for Princess Sparkle Pony as she moves her career endeavors to a different form of racing. Since we all know Danistar is still “testing” the waters of Napcrap, with no deal finalized as of yet, I thought I would share some of the finest skooling and guidance she will ever receive. With a tip of the hat to Pressdog for previously posting this, I offer this sound advice from a seasoned driving instructor:

Good luck to the Princess and good luck to Smoke as well. He gonna have his hands full! I can hear it now, my car is junk, my team builds crappy cars, IT AINT MY FAULT….
Anyone care to comment on Always Bad Coverage being re-upped for the next 5 years? Just when I thought we were going to be rid of the monotone cockpit of broadcast, BOOM. They are freakin back. Some days I just want to shoot myself. But I will leave the best comments for Robin Miller to produce. This week’s mailbag can be found here:

Such a busy weekend coming up for IICS. Already today, Thursday, it is 9am and cars are OUT ON THE TRACK. The teams have been given 3 sets of racing tyres for the testing and practice today. I look for lap times to come down to about 21.5 seconds which is absolutely smoking! And if Scheckter can keep it off the wall, he will figure into the mix quite nicely. The return of the mighty Pippa Mann to open wheel oval racing is a very nice treat. She is photogenic, well spoken and is a sponsor’s dream with her willingness to sign anything thrust in her face while in the paddock. This lady has what it takes on an oval and gives her engineers very good feedback at to what the car is doing. You should rush over to her site and look at some of the work out video she made at Pitfit in Indy. Thanks and props to Bob Rahal for opening his arms and giving her a shot. Me thinks she will deliver. More on the Mighty Pippa can be found in the blog post by P’Dog and you can find it here:

So, with not one but two shout outs to one individual, I leave you with this little gem; I predict that Pippa will finish ahead of the Princess Sparkle Pony.


See you ’round the track!


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