Princess Sparkle Pony bids farewell……does that move you?

15 Sep

Nothing lasts forever and things change ALL THE TIME…….
The much maligned Jenna Fryer (I THINK her title is AP Auto Racing Writer but Tony Stewart calls her more colorful names) wrote a post on August 29th about Mrs. Hospenthal. Funny in that Mrs. Hospenthal met the similarly named MR Hospenthal while seeking respite from a yoga induced hip injury. Imagine that. Participating in the dangerous sport of Yoga resulting in a hip injury! And you thought Crapcar drivers were in top shape , er…….disregard that one, Smoke. I laud Jenna for her in depth reporting and her best lines about Mrs. Hospenthal’s coming out party on August 25th can be found here:
The best line of the article revealed that one writer observed that Mrs. Hospenthal showed up for her announcement in black leather and hooker heels… spew!!! I know; old news but I am like your old uncle everyone hates to see at Thanksgiving! He repeats his same old jokes and laughs at them like it is the first time they are told to you. Much like the news that Danica is heading to CRAPCAR. This, after losing 85 consecutive Indy Car races so I cannot blame her for chasing the ca$h. Even Little pEE is still going to the bank; how long is HIS losing streak? Dayammm but them bubbas sho’ must have lots of ca$h.
But I cannot let this next observation go by unchecked and I am NOT going to give it a pass. The Associated Press is assigned the “article author” credit but the story’s headline says it all. Now, for the sake of full disclosure, compliments are always given to Speed for this little gem:
Have at it[with the] BOYZ? Well cut off my legs and call me shorty! Tired of having at it with the MEN so now maybe on to some success with the BOYZ. U go gurl……away. The IZOD Indy Car Series needed you 4 years ago so my thanks for that. I believe that Ropin’ Randy will find another deserving recipient of the future spotlight. Lord knows, IICS can sure use more butts in the seats. Now that Mr. Bernard understands the needle, hopefully he can find the right “Face Of IICS” to actually move it.
And that concludes my rant. Next post is going to be about the GORGEOUS Road Course, Montegi and the ringer driving for Conquest, De Oliveira. If that don’t move your needle, you are not really an IICS fan, now are you?


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