Thank Gawd twistys are over, but what GORGEOUS venues they are, Bat Man!

23 Sep

The bat mobile

Finally, on to ovals for a short change of venue, namely the final two IZOD Indy Car Series races. Let those words roll off your tongue for a spell and ponder the upcoming show at Kentucky. Close racing, fugly bumpy track and the number of cars that should hit the entry list just might add up to a great show. Lord knows, I have had a difficult time keeping up with the layte changes, ads and remves of the entry list. This is just a week before the race as well! Downside: up against the 800 pound gorilla called the NFL. At least it is the week after a fairly open test, so drivers should have all the oval track cob webs knocked off by race time.

Friday brought forth a plethora of late breaking IZOD Indy Car Series news on a huge variety of topics. Who is in for J’Wil at DDR? Who will land at Andretti now that they announced they will run Shev-Ro Lay as Uncle Bobby Unser calls them? What will happen to the seat vacated by Mrs. Hospenthal? When I read about Jean Alesi prepping for the 2012 Indy 500 I truly had a WTF moment (and no, I do not mean winning the future, so all of you Sarah Palin fans please commence bag breathing). Eddie Cheever had the killer, smoking BEST comment about Jean; he tweeted that he wants to be at the end of turn 1 at Indy the first Jean comes through it at speed. He referred to Jean Alesi as “angry”. If you have ever heard Eddie on the radio, guiding the young Ed Carpenter when Ed was his shoe, you know Eddie is anything but reserved…….Don’t let his dry television broadcast persona fool you! Eddie knows the proper way to spell intercourse.

DDR News can be found here:

Shev-Ro-Lay news can be found here:

The Friday open test at Kentucky is still in progress so I guess times are nonyabiz so move along filks. Nothing to see here…..Kind of sad if one is trying to build a brand or racing series. How much cos is added to the league to send a T and S team there since it is so far from Indy? And since I am in a mini rant mode, What Is Up with the mighty Press Dog? We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his super duper HI rez shots of the first oval test of the 2012 car. You can find them on his flicker page right here:

And last but not least, if you are in Indy on Tuesday and it does not rain, you get a sneak peek at the 2012 car running on hallowed ground. Hope to see you there!


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