A word of thanks to Pop Off Valve

28 Sep

I need to take a moment to thank one of the pillars of motorsport blogging; Tony Johns of Pop Off Valve. I have several that I follow but the two main stalwarts of blogging that I attempt to emulate while keeping my brand developing are Press Dog (Bill Zahren) and Tony Johns of Pop Off Valve. When you are a small fry start up without an angel investor, save for the lovely Mrs. GForcePaul, you need the gentle push that these folks give you. That is IF they are in the frame of mind to even offer such a push. When I specialize in typos and get noticed for that, I remind peeps and Tweeps to view the “about GForcePaul” at this blog, It kind of says it all, I laugh at myself because everyone else is!

I try to emulate these gents without actually stealing any of their material (think of it as joke writing, who wrote the first ‘chicken crossed the road joke’?). It is important to thank Tony for his shout out of these humble writings in my blog as well as to offer thanks to Bill for forwarding tweets when I ask him to do so on his blog, Press Dog dot com. But I do have to say this about Tony; he picked up on my typos and his lead in from his latest article just hammered my and…I….LOVE…IT! Like my bio says on wideopenwheel.wordpress.com, I laugh at myself….often. Like my father used to say, “Learn to laugh at yourself, son. Everyone else is!”. I still miss my father to this day…….
Again, Tony’s stuff can be found here:


Do NOT touch your television set nor do you need to adjust the vertical (if you remember original Outer Limits episodes you will recall that line! You just need to join me at the not so gorgeous facility called Kentucky Speedway this weekend. Holy Shit! The entry list is HUGE just as I suspected, since these turd mobiles are extinct in 3 weeks. Look for them on E-Bay…………..entry list can be found here:


Until next time…..


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