Bonus Sunday Post on a rainy day in Indy

25 Sep

Thought I would weigh in on the differing opinions about how runs the state of Indy Car while we go into the last two races of the 2011 campaign. Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure: no one works as long and hard as RB does. Period……

On Randy Bernard: Con (a rant on many levels)
Local Comment regarding Indy Star article by Curt Cavin
Posted: 8:37 AM on September 25, 2011
Agreement with the fact that Fans have lost all respect for BB and this cannot come back, rule changes or rule clarification. Sorry that Bernard cannot understand this. Helio is not the only driver to speak up on this situation, Power flipped him off on live TV, Michael Andretti went wild when the race went green in the rain and spoke up. All drivers have lost respect for BB, too. Mr. Bernard really needs to understand that as long as BB remains, fans disappear; he can work all he wants to build Indy, while BB brings it down. Another thing important to fans is the OVAL races. What fan wants to pay money and travel to see a follow the leader race, nothing is more boring, just watch qualifying and it’s over. I know that Mr. Bernard is fairly new and want to do good for Indy, but he really needs to take note of what fans say and what fans want in order to build Indy up. Fans are what keep Indy alive believe it or not? Randy ? And China? the country who almost owns USA, Please.
Really ? Oh by the way Danica and Helio are the two top favorite drivers for years in Indy, she is leaving, sorry to say and attacks consistently on Helio sure won’t help this series, reread the comments about last years Edmonton that was stolen from him. I hope Randy really wakes up he seems like a nice guy, but theres a big difference between a bull and an Indy car.

On Randy Bernard: PRO (an informed rant)
Local Comment regarding Indy Star article by Curt Cavin
Posted: 10:31 AM on September 25, 2011
Randy supposedly reads these responses…………you have been the brightest spot in open wheel in years. I like the fact that you’re getting “your feet wet” in promoting Las Vegas and seeing how to get the job done making ovals a success. Will be nice to have a model to work from.

I know Penske and Detroit are back on the schedule. But Randy, please DO NOT take Michigan out of consideration because of geography. There is no track (including Texas) that puts on a better oval track show for IndyCar. Find some sponsors (starting with GM??) and rent the track if needed.

Sorry on the “miss” on a TV contract upgrade. I still believe the lack of TV exposure is the single biggest reason holding back sponsorships (they buy numbers), and re-building the fan base more rapidly.

Lastly, thank you for being a diplomat. I’m sure you’re as tired as the rest of us are about the Danica questions.
Keep up the good work.


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