Send in the next candidate please

30 Nov

Holy Schmolly! I just woke up from a short vacation in St. Pete, disappointed that I did not cross paths with local rising motorsport star Shanna Mac, only to find that Jenna Fryer got Scooped on a story the esteemed Pressdog feels she sat on too long. Robin Miller broke the story in the dark of the night Tuesday evening and by noon Wednesday, the motorsports world was falling all over themselves spouting such wisdom as: a coach had sacked his assistants; bloom was off the rose; treats symptom but illness remains. My, my, my….talk about a rush to judgment! Miller gets a pass because he has had a virtual War of the Roses approach to the ongoing tenure of Brian Barnhart.

No, he DOES NOT get a pass…..nor does the other proffered but useless opinions. In fact, few of them move my needle very much. They…just….don’t.

For your edification, the power links can be found here:

What more could I possibly add to this mumbo gumbo? Nothing to see here so move along, folks. Shall we move in a different direction? Heck ya! Barnhart had to go; of that there is no mistaking. Is the series at a watershed moment? I don’t really think so. Things will be different, but yet they will still remain the same. Take a breath, drop to a lower number and see whom inherits the reigns of Indy Car Race Control.

Today’s Test Your Smarts ™ question is: Do you know George Phillips? If you answered yes, you just may be a serious open wheel fan. If you said no, well then brother, allow me to point you in a direction of skillful insight as well as smooth word smithy. George is the author of the motorsports blog Oilpressure. You must add this to your list of required reading. George takes the high road in many of his posts and writes many things that appear well thought out. A lot of bloggers just sit and do stream of consciousness typing at the keyboard. George has a style that imparts knowledge as well as a passion for the game. I wonder what his day gig is, but I sure do enjoy his afterhours job. As a sterling example, today, November 30, George posted an article and no, it was not about TGBB. George wrote a very insightful piece on the passing of Jim Rathmann. In it, George correctly refers to my blogging peers as amateur journalists and I certainly fit that genre. No, I do not hold George in that regard as his style comes off being very professional. I highly endorse his remarks about Jim Rathmann and found the entire article to be spot on. I do wish to say this: Thanks George! I am sure Mr. Rathmann would be touched by the article. You can enjoy George’s fine work here:

Drop by and leave George a note about your take on his fine article!

Talk to you soon!


One Response to “Send in the next candidate please”

  1. Oilpressure November 30, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    Wow! I’m honored. Thanks for the kind (and undeserved) words. You’re right. I am passionate about IndyCar and especially the Indianapolis 500. I enjoy your site and have it listed in my blogroll. – GP

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