Stay tuned for the n3xt installment

3 Dec

With all the bombs that have been dropped this week involving the Indy Car Series, there is no need for me to regurgitate stolen prose. My readers (for whom I am grateful) are razor sharp smart! They can smell and tell when the blogwaves are saturated with repetitive news. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, please look toward this column early next week for an intriguing twist on off season banter; a new feature called ‘Ten Questions With’. My first guest will knock you out of your chair and make you want to kick the cat around a bit. A proper tease is to reveal that this individual IS involved in motorsport, specifically the Indianapolis 500. You touch their “product” in many different ways!
In the meantime, and to add a footnote to the sad news out of Lincolnshire, please give this short, shaky and very amateurish video a gander. Gawd, I am going to miss these guys…..


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