The fleecing of Austin Continues; do they really enjoy PAIN?

7 Dec

It started with a country road

Good Googily Moogily!~ Austin is back on the F-1 schedule!!?? HUH?

Smoking those left handed cigarettes again I see. Hmmmm….Bernie must have gotten his 25 MILLION dollar cheque, or somebody’s rich uncle missed my plea for funding for Pippa Mann. Either way, smoke and mirrors, folks; smoke and mirrors. I imagine that Eddie Gossage must be simmering about now. First his pal, Bruton Smith ‘rents’ his Las Vegas track to Randy Bernard for three, yup, count em, THREE years so that Bruton does not pay a sanctioning fee to the IZOD Indy Car Series. Now, Bernie gets the state of Texas to pony up 25 MILLION of tax payer money to Bernie’s FOM (Formula One Management). It sure smells like Eddie is paying sanctioning fees for the upcoming Texas Two Step next season, that is, if the green light is given to race on mile and a half circuits.

Let that sink in a moment and percolate for a while. Eddie pays and no one else is????????? Here seems to be “proof” that money changed hands:

Can you freakin believe it? I will when the green flag flies, but I have weighed in previously on the topic and you can become enlightened here:

Man, if I only had a (25) million dollars…..sounds like a remake of a song by Bare Naked Ladies!

Talk to you next time!


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