Accelerating towards St. Petersburg; GET THOSE HASHTAGS RIGHT, WILL YAS

6 Mar

Yeah, money is a little tight right now

Budgets are getting tight all over the paddock. Even the two-seater has to udergo a redesign to fit into the dollars appropriated for this season so, do you like this idea of a replacement “car”?

We just completed one of the rather more bizarre weeks ever in motorsport and unless you live in a cave, I am pretty sure you have a few opinions of your own. All Danica All the Time (again!), NASCAR hosting a weenie roast late at night on a Monday, Twitter comes of age in a single instant, first time viewership of UN-reality television, All Danica All the Time, a former Formula One Titan comes north to race and most important of all, All Danica ALL THE TIME.

Shall I continue? SFH Racing finally gets an engine, Texas Test is toast, Texas Motor Speedway president skewers the IZOD Indy Car Series in public, All Danica All the Time, how many engines has Lotus really produced to date, and finally, does Dallara have enough spare parts for teams to survive a crash fest?

So, IF you have had your breakfast this morning, and are not too sensitive to adult situations, language and verbal violence, I suggest that you hide the children and take a look at a posting by the Ragin’ Canadian. The blog is called “So… Here’s What I’m Thinking” and this pretty much sums up what we all were thinking last week. Meesh Beer takes no prisoners, PROFANELY calls it like it is and works it for you here …… Man I love this stuff! Since I want to give further props to a well deserved blogger, give this link a shot. It goes way beyond all of what one needs to know to get those hash tags right, darnit! If you cannot follow this then get a new line of work!

I need to post a short one this week due to the demands of obtaining full time employment, but I did want to offer a few opinions of my own regarding the week just completed. Randy Bernard continues to have an uphill battle herding all of the cats. His tireless efforts are beginning to pay off and the topic of open wheel motorsport is clearly elevated in the mind of the paying public. Having more teams than engines is always a good thing, no matter form of racing. The battle between the haves and the have nots will continue in all sports, not just racing and is nothing new in the world we live in.

The “battle” between Indy Car social media and NACAR social media has really just begun. Sure, the IICS started down this road but they obviously were just as blindsided as we, the public with the tweet from Keselowski’s car. It is my very humble opinion that the Twitter Wars is just heating up, and Indy Car WILL have a better product, but will take a hit based on frequency (ie; number of races in a season).

Finally, when Michael Andretti publicly criticizes Danica Pat-wreck on multiple occasions, there has to be some truth behind it. Read some of the notes from the MKE Mile presser that the promotion group for the race, Michael Andretti’s group, had to say. A certain, je ne sais quoi, unanimous voice, speaks to the possibility that more focus will be placed on the stars of Indy Car. I still warmly remember the shirt the late Dan Wheldon had made up for the 2005 Texas race which said, “I actually WON the Indy 500”.

A little Danica goes wayyy too long

Enjoy your week and we will have a little chat again next time!



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