A very short and final post on #Lionheart

9 Mar

A very strong person

In the honor of true and full disclosure, I am an Indy based blogger (like we even have a “base” of operations) that also is blessed to own a small place in Tampa Bay. I have been associated with the area since 1968 and yet I seldom go to the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Yes, I have been to it, but the lure of going to the Hallowed Grounds every May pulls at my heart just a tad harder. I wanted to go to the unveiling of the newly named Dan Wheldon Way which is also known as turn 10 of the street course. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of our plans from time to time and we just roll with it.

This short post has few words, but the images will burn into your hearts for a long time. They certainly did mine! There will be many more tributes to Dan Wheldon this season, most likely starting with the NASCAR series race at Las Vegas. I read a few lines a short while ago about how the untimely passing of Dale Earnhardt resulted in an endless parade of tributes. For years…… and I find that this has lessened to an extent, the emotional ties to the man. There is a time to grieve and a time frame in which to heal. I hope that you receive the same comfort and closure that I did in watching this video of the unveiling of Dan Wheldon Way on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

Let’s go get it ON LIKE DONKEY KONG in St Pete!

Thanks and props to rpm2night

Talk to you next time,


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