The Open Wheel World Is Turned On Its Head…..AGAIN!

20 Aug

Hello there again race friends,
With the conclusion of the recent weekend’s racing activity, Oh, wait! The Izod IndyCar Series had a rare off weekend. No news there, now is there? Yeah, move along, nothing to see here folks. Even F-1 is off……for a freakin MONTH! I imagine they don’t have to stress about falling off the race fan’s radar, especially after taking a mid season break. How do you keep in front of the face of the average race fan unless you are KrapKar, or F-1 on a month long break? You fashion news, of course!

I was very impressed with her Highness smoking off the boyz in the Busch series. Isn’t that the series owned by the Bush Brothers PR Machine? I mean, one could honestly look all the drivers in that field in the eye last Saturday and say to each one; You………..Got……Passed……By……A……Girl.

One can only vision the frothing Mr. PDog throwing all kinds of objects at his television when the other Go Daddy driver passed all the boyz and legitimately kept them at bay. Lap after Lap. I have to take note and give credit where it is due; the lady drove her a$$ off like she does every race day. Robin Miller was captured on live radio in Indianapolis Monday afternoon talking about Princess Sparkle Pony in a flattering (for him at least) way. When asked if he thought she would win a race eventually or not, he responded with a well thought out “Shit yeah”. Run this audio link from the show down to the 5:30 mark. Too funny! The show is podcast posted 8/20/2012 5:19pm. Give it a listen for some local talk about a TV sportscaster and then the gems begin to unfold from Robin and JMV.
There is some very fine wordsmithy taking place based upon a rumor or comment or inside scoop or UNABRIGDED TRUTH depending on how one looks at Robin Miller’s remarks Sunday night on Wind Tunnel. Hence the lead in to this article and fine segue to News; Reported or CREATED? I can distill the argrument down to one common denominator and that is control. I have seen this movie before several times now and it usually has the same ending. Big league owners want race series. Big league owners buy said race series. Big league owners disband in financial ruin.

One of the writers I mentioned last week scooped some of his peers and posted on the topic of the selling of the open wheel series in North America. I could sit here and write words to the effect of nodding my head in agreement or perhaps just send you the link (Mark Wilkinson hit this one out of the park). On that note, this needs to be a short post anyway due to the tempo of things developing for the open wheel series we all love and admire. And no, I don’t mean Bernie the Troll’s series over “there”…… You know what I mean. So, without further ado I present the link to “The IMS Garage Sale”:

Ponder this a while and reflect. I love the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is so unusual to see fighting and pandering and postulating going on once again. Like I have said, I have seen this movie before.

Thanks for reading and we will talk to you next time!



2 Responses to “The Open Wheel World Is Turned On Its Head…..AGAIN!”

  1. newtrackrecord August 20, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    Thanks for the props, Paul. I like your style. RM is either a shit-stirrer or a prophet. The jury’s still out. As always, time will tell.

    • gforcepaul August 20, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

      rm is, in fact, a shit stirer. I have been trying to get him to come have coffee with us for months. I expect that he will run out of excuses over the off season, and come visit.

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