Critical and MUST READ IndyCar Links week of 10/01/2012

1 Oct

How did 2012 go, Son of Stache? I see…….

On returning to Pocono:

WOW, a double hit of spot on topics in the first paragraph. The passing of the Iconic Chris Econamaki AND the smooth lead in to a perspective on Pocono and IndyCar. A great link to “” sportstalk section. Randy just bumped his brand here quite nicely…..

Subject: Indy Car Schedule 2013
My favorite bench racing, coffee guzzling, IndyCar Nation submitting blogger, Zach Houghton, weighs in on the realities of Sunday night’s Speed TV hosted 2013 IndyCar schedule release. Compact, concise and all 100% unadulterated truth. Hit the link for the posting on Monday, October 1, 2012.

Why the F*#K can’t Indy Car secure season opening stuff, something along the lines of this and also, PLEASE NOTE THE SYNDICATED AUTHOR, Hmmmmmmm:

Finally, Best Pic of the week:

Mario warns Helio that if he makes one single solitary misstep, then he should step aside and let a true course “master” take over…..He even did some practicing at Sonoma last month with Chelse just to warn Helio that he still gots it.

Mario scares Helio should he screw it up; new man in town!

Finally, there will be far better reporting and in a more timely fashion than I will post in this space. For now, here is my take on the recently completed off week I like to call ‘IndyCar fans held hostage’, week number 2 of 24 until St. Pete. The schedule hole in September really concerns me. ABC picking up SIX IN A ROW will certainly put more eyes on the sport and Aero Kits will not make a difference for two more years. Stand to start all you want, but even the first two cars off the line will race into turn one.

I already got cabin fever over missing the sport I love. You must too or why else would you read this space?

Just my two cents worth and we’ll talk to you next time,


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